Korean delegation visits Heraeus headquarter in Hanau


Heraeus Medical and Kang Stem to develop a new treatment for degenerative arthritis

A visitor group of 48 individuals recently visited the Heraeus headquarter in Hanau. Here the visitors had the chance to take a closer look at the outstanding dual study programs and vocational training Heraeus offers. Heraeus offers a wide range of vocational trainings in the fields of commercial, sciences, metal and mechatronics as well as for glassblowers. The group was accompanied by Doris Lenhart and Andreas Alder of Heraeus Central Training Organization.

Heraeus also offers dual study programs that combines the advantages of vocational training and study. Dual study programs cover courses in IT, business management, engineering as well as chemistry. The group of CEOs, head teacher, teacher and pupils were especially interested in the metal and electrical training.

In an open discussion they learned more about the company, the apprenticeship and got first hand experiences of students, who are currently learning at Heraeus.

“It was a pleasure to meet experienced professionals and CEOs from Korea and to show them the high standards of our training programs at the Heraeus headquarter in Hanau,” says Karin Saar, Head of Vocational Training at Heraeus.