Heraeus builds additional production line for pharmaceutical ingredients used in cancer therapy and solidifies world market leadership

Hanau, Germany - July 2, 2018

  • Heraeus is expanding its production capacities for Platinum-based Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Pt hAPIs). The expansion is Heraeus’ response to increasing global demands for these products in cancer treatment.

Cancer cases are globally on the rise, causing an increasing demand for their treatment. Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients, a business line of Heraeus Precious Metals, is the leading global market supplier for Platinum-based Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Pt hAPIs), key compounds used in cancer chemotherapy.

Completion expected in one year

Construction of the new production line is already under way at the company’s headquarters in Hanau, Germany: “We are delighted to announce that work on the site started in June. We are expecting construction to be completed in only one year”, explains Marcus Hannakam, Head of Heraeus’ Pharmaceutical Ingredients Business Line. Heraeus will reach full production capacity in 2020, allowing it to cover the high demands of the market completely. With the multi-million Euro investment, Heraeus reinforces its worldwide market leadership position in this field, underscoring the company’s long tradition in top-quality precious metal technologies. The new expansion will further increase the company's market share.

Focus on quality for long-term partnerships

As a long-time partner in the battle against cancer, Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients has an excellent standing with customers and authorities alike. “Looking back on the partnerships we have with many of our customers, most going back decades, our ability to respond to the bottleneck situation on the market is something we are very proud of”, Marcus Hannakam continues.

Platinum-based Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Pt hAPIs)

Pt hAPIs are of great relevance especially in combination therapies and are used for combatting e.g. lung, colorectal, ovarian and testicular cancer. The need for Pt hAPIs in cancer treatment has been on the rise for various reasons: Demographic changes are steadily leading to more cancer cases, emerging countries are increasingly gaining access to chemotherapy, and Pt hAPIs like Carboplatin are used for combination therapies more often. As a consequence, sufficient market coverage has reached its limits, a great concern, not only for the pharmaceutical industry, but across parties in the health care community.

About Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients

All Pt hAPIs are developed and manufactured by Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients at Heraeus’ headquarters in Hanau, Germany. For more than 30 years, Heraeus has been building its reputation as number one supplier of Pt hAPIs used in cancer therapies worldwide. By putting great emphasis on the highest quality of all its products, Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients takes pride of being certified by all major health authorities and agencies, including the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.