Heraeus showcases ist environmental products at China International Import Expo 2018

With the theme of “Heraeus Technology: Making Everyday Life Better”, Heraeus showcases a series of products. One of the highlights at the exhibition is the smart UV exhaust gas treatment system with on-line monitoring developed specifically for environmental protection.

Heraeus at CIIE Shanghai 2018

Mr. Jan Rinnert, Heraeus CEO, noted: “As the first expo of its kind in the world, I see the event as a good sign to strengthen trade and growth. Meanwhile, as China wants to upgrade its industrial value chain within its national strategy in the coming decade, there will be an even stronger need for high-quality and highly innovative products and services from a highly innovative partner, such as Heraeus. We are delighted to join this event and play an active role.”

As one of the world leading companies among nearly 3,000 exhibitors, Heraeus exhibits a range of its cutting-edge products and solutions in the field of environmental protection, including power electronic systems and sensors for electric mobility, high-performance conductive pastes for the photovoltaic industry, and recycling of precious metal resources. Targeted at the demand for high-quality products in the Chinese market and related industries, they have a bright prospect for applications.

The smart UV exhaust gas treatment system integrates the functions of waste gas treatment and in-line monitoring, with a focus on a particular market segment by creating customized high-quality solutions to help China “protect the blue skies”. With the advantages of Heraeus’ UV technology and catalytic technology combined, it aims to create a long-term stable operation of the exhaust gas treatment system and help the vast number of industrial users to achieve real-time data monitoring while meeting emission standards. The system is applicable for the treatment of VOC emissions and odorous gases in the conditions of high air volume and low concentration in industries ranging from printing to furniture, clothing, chemicals and automobiles. A customer from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, signs a purchase order of intent worth 1.5 million US dollars at the booth.

“We are greatly honored to release the Heraeus Smart UV Waste Treatment System on such a world-renowned platform as CIIE. We can continue to upgrade our solutions based on the visitors’ feedback and suggestions to meet our customers’ needs,” said Mr. Hui (Tony) Ye, General Manager of Heraeus Noblelight China.

A factory that adopts the system not only transmits the emission data in real time, but also keeps a track of the around-the-clock operations. Anything off the chart would be notified on the mobile phone of the person in charge, who then can take immediate actions to prevent the situation from escalating even further. For the environmental protection department, it would be possible to monitor the exhaust emissions of enterprises more closely and ensure that they meet the standards.

During the exhibition, a number of simulations are conducted. As the perfume sprays at the air inlet are processed by the module system and output as odorless air, visitors can see on the screen the values and curves of the VOC concentration at the inlet and outlet and feel how “Heraeus Technology Makes Everyday Life Better”. With the increasingly stricter national environmental protection policies and regulatory measures, the implementation tax-for-fee reform of sewage charge, and the odorous gas emission standard under way, the industrial waste gas treatment market has a great potential estimated at tens of billions of yuan.

“China is one of the most important markets in the world for Heraeus, and will continue to grow strongly,” said Dr. Ai Zhouping, President of Heraeus Greater China Regional Headquarters. “In the future, Heraeus will continue to make the best of the German technologies and address the needs of the Chinese customers by stepping up our local R&D efforts and offering customized products and services, while actively participating in China’s ‘Blue Sky Campaign’ to help people have a better living.”