Semicon China: Heraeus showcases a series of innovations to improve production processes and efficiency in the semiconductor industry

Shanghai, China -March 14, 2018

  • A wide range of new products are displayed at the Heraeus booth at Semicon China addressing the needs of the semiconductor industry in order to develop solutions with fast, efficient and reliable production processes.
  • Heraeus’ Global Business Units Electronics, Noblelight and Quarzglas are exhibiting their innovations at booth #7601 in hall E7.
Semicon China Heraeus

Heraeus Electronics improves yield and reliability, while lowering costs for advanced and power semiconductor packages

Heraeus Electronics, leading supplier of material solutions for the semiconductor and power electronics industries, launched a series of new solutions to help customers improve production processes and yield while at the same time lowering the costs. Innovations include the new WS5112 series, that reduces solder defects such as solder ball splashing and solder beading with excellent voids performance resulting in better yield for customers. This is extremely critical for system in package applications where passive terminal components are placed very near the flip-chips. Furthermore, Smartflux FLX89161 enhances solder joint formation and improves metal coalesces for self-alignment. mAgic sinter paste ASP338 supports revolutionary packaging for die attach in high power packages that require excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Solder materials solutions for System in Packages including WS5112 series for component attach applications and Smartflux FLX89161 dipping paste for flip-chip and BGA attach, as well as the new mAgic sinter paste ASP338 for power electronics. Heraeus Electronics WS5112 series is a highly robust flux system with very low splashing, cold and hot slump effects. The new Smartflux dipping paste contains low percentage of metal alloy powder that acts as an anchor to BGA, bumps and copper pillars; firmly holding the balls or chip in place during reflow process. Both, WS5112 series and Smartflux, are halogen free and water soluble solder pastes. mAgic ASP338 is a pressure assist sinter paste which works on bare copper surface to produce void-free interconnect with excellent thermal and electrical properties with ten times longer lifetime for power electronics modules.

A global first: Heraeus black.infrared increases efficiency of heating processes for semiconductor production

Semiconductor process technology requires multiple thermal processes that dry or heat during the production of microchips. It is important in this process to avoid both chemical impurities in the microchips and particles from entering during the individual production process steps. Wherever space is short and fast, homogenous heating is required, conventional ceramic and metal emitters offer no proper solution to this critical problem. Heraeus black.infrared answers the need of customers in a unique way: The innovative infrared system functions according to a completely new emitter principle. The flat, low-profile emitter is surrounded by quartz glass material, e.g. a specially developed black quartz glass. This combination helps transfer infrared heat very homogenously at a high energy density. This makes heating processes more efficient in both space and energy. With the revolutionary combination of design and emitter technology the emitters are also suited for ultrapure processes and vacuum conditions. In contrast to conventional ceramic and metal emitters, the process can minimize impurities during wafer production. The black.infrared emitter combines an infrared emitter in the medium wave range of around 2.5 micrometers with high optical performance for the first time. Tests and development projects have shown that the new combination’s very high homogeneity and optimally adjusted emitters can contribute to greater energy efficiency.

Heraeus’ New Black Quartz Material completes the thermal management solutions for semiconductor processing

Customers in the semiconductor industry are facing a great challenge during the production process: Even the tiniest trace impurities during manufacturing will result in a defective microchip, which is then unusable. Traditional existing black quartz materials contain device killing elements such as tungsten or carbon, while Heraeus new black quartz material HBQ® consists purely of silicon and oxygen, making it the perfect match for most sensitive semiconductor applications with an over-all impurity level of below 20ppm like other natural quartz materials. With HBQ® (Heraeus Black Quartz) Heraeus Quarzglas Germany introduces a new material for semiconductor applications closing the material gap for heat radiation control in process chambers. HBQ® offers high absorption (over 95%) in a wide range of wavelength from UV, through visible to mid-IR (heat radiation), and a unique property in the group of silicon dioxide based materials: high emissivity. With emissivity values of beyond 90% HBQ® presents a revolutionary option in heat management applications. Heraeus Quarzglas is the only supplier offering materials for full heat radiation control with transparent, reflective or absorbing properties, meeting the highest purity standards of semiconductor applications. With the innovative HBQ® customers are able to step into a new world of possibilities for thermal management and control of sensitive semiconductor processes.