Ravindra-Heraeus sets up first pyrometallurgy smelter in India for precious metal catalyst recycling

Hanau/Udaipur, February 18, 2019

Udaipur, India. Ravindra-Heraeus, India’s leading precious metals service provider, has set up the first pyrometallurgical smelter (Plasma Metal Recovery System) in India. The Indo-German joint venture is notably investing to satisfy Indian customer request by expanding its precious metals recycling capacity.

Ravindra Heraeus Front Ariel View_20190215

The new technology, featuring a capacity of about 1,500 tonnes per year of auto catalysts and equivalent, will allow Ravindra-Heraeus to recycle Platinum Group Metals from the growing number of spent automotive emission, insoluble aluminia-based catalysts and a wide range of diverse high-melting oxides-based catalysts per year.

Platinum Group Metals are used in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts in a wide range of applications, such as production of chemicals, gas purification and chemical processes.

India has no natural resources in Platinum Group Metals and thus relies either on imports or recycling specialists, such as Ravindra-Heraeus.

The investment in the new technology will complement Ravindra-Heraeus’ chemical-based hydrometallurgy processes and allows the company to create ten new high-tech jobs in the region.

“Our new plasma facility underlines our market leadership in India in precious metals processing. We will be the only fully integrated Precious Metals refiner in India, offering pyro- und hydrometallurgy in our facility. This will allow us to offer new services to our customers in the whole country,” said Shailesh Choksi, Managing Director Ravindra Heraeus Pvt Ltd.

The new Plasma Metal Recovery System will be one of the most efficient recycling systems worldwide. The less valuable material is free of hazardous material and can be used in the cement and construction industry, thus saving other resources and energy, while the refined precious metals will be available for new industry products.