The sensor business is booming, and Heraeus is expanding its growth strategy for sensor technology with Nexensos.

Hanau, March 18, 2019

The Heraeus sensor business is repositioning itself for tomorrow's key markets—sensor technology and e-mobility—under a new name: Heraeus Nexensos.

Sinterable temperature sensors for power electronics

With its range of temperature sensors, Heraeus has shown strong growth in recent years, thanks to the continually increasing demand for sensor tech-nology. Heraeus has expanded its market share for platinum sensors, which precisely measure temperatures up to 1050°C.

Heraeus has reorganized and expanded its sensor business to better meet the growing needs of the rapidly changing automotive and electronics industries.

Heraeus will be focusing more on developing sensor solutions for e-mobility, and the new Heraeus Nexensos will cater to the areas of power electronics, batteries, e-motors, and charging systems. In addition, the company is intensifying its collaboration with start-ups and investigating potential acquisitions.

The new heater and combination heater-sensor business segment is giving rise to other exciting projects. Heraeus platinum temperature sensors can meet the challenges of measuring, heating, and regulating thermal processes.

“We intend to double our sensor business in the next five years while becoming even more innovative,” declares Ralph Meschkat, President of Heraeus Nexensos.