E-mobility boom in Japan requires best power electronics solutions from Heraeus with highest reliability and performance

Hanau, 15 April 2019

New sintering solutions from Heraeus perfectly match the growing demand of high-performance power electronics in Japan. Innovative materials revolutionize chip contacting, yet they increase power density and lengthen the service life of components to meet Japan’s top-quality standards. With its Die Top System, Heraeus now offers an efficient and flexible solution.

Chip contact
Heraeus innovative materials package revolutionizes chip contacting in power electronics.

Operating temperatures greater than 230 °C, durability requirements of more than 10 years, and everything as cost-effective as possible: New applications such as electromobility or renewable energy represent enormous challenges for power electronics. Soldered joints are reaching their limits. Sintering offers the solution by providing excellent conductivity, optimum heat management at elevated operating temperature without compromising reliability. High-performance electronic modules made of next generation materials and connected with sinter technology enable higher power densities and switching frequencies.

Heraeus Electronics – Your Sinter Expert

As a leading provider of materials solutions for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries, Heraeus Electronics demonstrates its sintering expertise with lead-free mAgic Sinter Paste, an effective die-attach solution. This patented technology allows manufacturers to unlock greater performance capabilities. Package performance is further enhanced with Heraeus innovative material portfolio, which includes a range of metal ceramic substrates, optimized copper wire and cutting-edge aluminum ribbons for automotive applications.

Heraeus also outperforms the competition by backing product innovation with unparalleled support - through comprehensive technical service, consulting and hands-on training in its application center in Hanau (Germany). Here, customers can explore sintering processes and attend seminars on this robust and reliable joining technology.

Systems Know How for Power Electronics

Die top contact, mostly relying on aluminum wire bonding, remains a bottleneck to meet the requirements for higher operating temperatures and enhanced reliability. To address this issue, Heraeus developed the Die Top System (DTS), which is a material system for assembly and connection technology. The Heraeus Die Top System makes copper wire bonding possible without breaking the die and combines it with sinter technology. It significantly improves the electrical and thermal conductivity, the reliability of the die connection and optimizes the entire module performance. Its industrialization is straightforward thanks to the pre-applied sinter paste and the sintering of die and DTS together in one process. Profiting from the flexibility of the wire bonding technology, the same production equipment can cover all layout variances. Altogether, DTS maximizes profitability and helps to bring the next generation of power modules to market faster.

For more information please visit us at Power System Japan, April 17-19, booth #6D-43.