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Heraeus Amloy is spun off

Effective November 1, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH will spin off its internal start-up company Heraeus Amloy. The new legal entity is Heraeus Amloy Technologies GmbH.

The team of Heraeus Amloy Technologies GmbH in Hanau
The team of Heraeus Amloy Technologies GmbH in Hanau

The aim of the spin-off is to continue to pursue the promising business with amorphous metals. "The spin-off gives us greater freedom for our future business development," says J├╝rgen Wachter, Head of Heraeus Amloy. "We can focus more closely on our own processes and implement measures faster thanks to short decision-making paths," he added.

Heraeus Amloy was founded in 2017 as an internal startup and deals with the production and processing of amorphous metals. Amorphous metals are also called metallic glasses and are frozen metallic liquids that are cooled extremely quickly. Due to this shock freezing, the individual atoms have no opportunity to form an ordered metal lattice. The resulting material is particularly flexible and at the same time extremely stable and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

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