CIIE 2019: Heraeus Brings German Technologies For China’s Smart Manufacturing And Green Industries

(Shanghai, China) Heraeus, a global portfolio technology group based in Germany, today presented at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) a wide range of advanced materials and solutions, which supports China’s agenda of smart manufacturing and green industries. One of the highlights included Heraeus’ latest solution for shielding of electromagnetic interference in 5G mobile phones.


As a pioneer at the first Expo, Heraeus is exhibiting for the second time at CIIE in Shanghai, which is expected to attract nearly 1 million visitors over six days. At booth 4.1A2-002 in the equipment hall, Heraeus offers products and solutions to support China’s sustainable energy goals (e.g. UV air treatment system for industrial waste air), products to empower e-mobility (e.g. platinum sensors for power electronics and batteries) or solutions for mobile phones (e.g. a full system solution for shielding against electromagnetic interference in 5G mobile phones or conductive polymers used in foldable displays). More highlights include:

Communications and 5G

The introduction of 5G networks requires the establishment of billions of small antennas around the world, both for the sender and the receiver. All 5G transmitter and receiver components need to be shielded from electromagnetic interference to ensure safe and reliable data transmission. One of Heraeus’ start-ups, Heraeus's printed electronics, will launch a system that can directly attach shielding materials to components, which is more efficient and cheaper than current technologies.

Environment industry

Heraeus is a leading technology solution provider in the renewable energy industry in the world, which will provide efficient solutions for the photovoltaic industry at the battery module level. The latest technologies, such as efficient metallized silver paste and battery chip interconnection, will significantly improve the efficiency of batteries and modules in China's photovoltaic industry.

Electricity vehicle

At present, the electric vehicle industry is also facing a variety of challenges, including: limited range of use, high price, limited comfort and charging infrastructure, among others. As an important partner of the German automobile industry, Heraeus is providing the electric vehicles industry with a wide range of applications to help overcome these challenges.
During the Expo, Heraeus will show the latest innovations in power electronics, new battery connectors, heaters and sensors for battery and charging systems.

Industrial application

Heraeus offers iron and steel making process control for saving process time and promoting metallurgical automation. For example, its Quick-Spec Steel Liquid Component Online Analysis featuring rapid component analysis of steel making processes, shortening smelting time, including converters, refining and hot metal process applications.
Heraeus Noblelight will showcase its gas catalytic infrared radiation system. The gas catalytic infrared radiation system converts natural gas or propane gas into water and carbon dioxide through the flameless reaction of special platinum catalyst and heats the place where it is needed.
Compared with the traditional system, it can reduce the process time by up to 66% and the floor area by up to 50% and release the valuable factory space. It can not only save energy and improve process stability, but also improve factory capacity and product quality. It is an ideal choice for powder coating of thermosensitive substrate (such as MDF), metal substrate and non-metal substrate, drying of paint, food, leather, and thermoforming of plastics.
“China is one of the most important markets for Heraeus globally,” said Dr. Ai Zhouping, President of Heraeus Greater China Regional Headquarters. “With 45 years’ successful development in China we are pleased to be able to bring even more latest technologies to the market via the platform of CIIE. Meanwhile, we are continuously expanding our local R&D competencies to meet the increasing needs of Chinese customers.”