Heraeus presents new ultra-thin lead frame to increase security for ID cards

HANAU, Germany, 26.11.2019

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of material solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced the launch of a new ultra-thin lead frame with the product name XOB10. The product is used for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems.

XOB10 - Ultra-thin lead frame

RFID technologies are used for contactless payment and in ID documents. In order to increase the security of these documents, manufacturers integrate additional layers in the security ID cards and data pages of documents. These include holograms and foils. In order to include these increasing number of security layers in documents, card manufacturers need extremely thin modules.

The thinner the lead frame in the module, the more secure the final product.

"Heraeus offers the thinnest lead frame available on the market," says Klemens Brunner, President of Heraeus Electronics. "Manufacturers can also use the product without having to set up new equipment in production.”

Heraeus' new lead frame reaches a thickness of just 35 micrometers. This is about half the size of a sheet of paper.

As the sole company in the market, Heraeus offers a wide range of products for further increase security of ID, Credit and Access cards. This includes bonding wires and non-conductive adhesives for module packaging. In its own application centers based in the US, Europe and Asia, Heraeus Electronics can test technologies and tailor applications to specific customer needs.

More information can be found under:  herae.us/xob10