CIIE 2020: Heraeus presents German technologies for China’s new infrastructure construction and advanced manufacturing

November 5th, 2020, Shanghai, China

Heraeus, a leading technology company based in Germany, presents its latest innovations at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), which opened on November 5th.This wide range of advanced materials and solutions are essential for key industries, including China’s new infrastructure construction and advanced manufacturing; electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology for 5G applications; precious metals lifecycle management; silver conductive pastes for the PV industry; sensors and advanced packaging technologies for electric vehicles; and quartz products for semiconductors.

“The CIIE is an important platform for the entire Heraeus Group to showcase our newest innovations to our Chinese customers. Our strong innovative portfolio has supported China’s growth plans for more than 40 years. We are convinced that our new investments in R&D facilities in China will help us to continue our successful partnerships and will enable our customers to continue their successful development,” said Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Heraeus Holding.

Heraeus has attended CIIE every year since it was launched in 2018. This year, Heraeus will be at booth 3A5-001 in the Equipment Hall, November 5-10. In addition to advanced materials and precious metal applications, Heraeus will also present an array of disinfection solutions, including UV modules and robots for sterilization and a customized disinfection system for air conditioners. These innovations were launched following the COVID-19 outbreak to help stop the spread of the virus and protect public health and safety. The new UV robots allow for quick disinfection of surfaces and air, and are going to be pilot-tested at several domestic medical facilities.

Dr. Ai Zhouping, President of Heraeus Greater China Regional Headquarters, added: “As the virus has been successfully controlled at the moment, China is focusing on recovery now. The booming new infrastructure construction and advanced manufacturing, which include 5G, electric vehicles, third-generation semiconductors and new energies, represent many new opportunities for Heraeus. We are confident that we can introduce our new technologies and products to more Chinese companies, strengthen our mutual understanding and establish win-win cooperation at the third CIIE.”

The Heraeus technologies and applications showcased as CIIE include:

5G communications

The introduction of 5G networks requires the establishment of billions of small antennas around the world. All 5G transmitter and receiver components need to be shielded from electromagnetic interference (EMI) to ensure safe and reliable data transmission. Heraeus’ original printed EMI shielding technology offers unique turn-key solutions of equipment and formulations. For the mobile phone industry, for example, this means flexible design possibilities and fast and simple production.

Fiber optic networks are essential infrastructure for the 5G era and ultra-pure quartz glass is a critical material in the optical fiber industry. Heraeus offers cylinders made of ultra-pure quartz glass (RIC process) as cladding for telecom fibers, high-purity fused silica tubes for core rod manufacturing (MCVD and PCVD processes), preform manufacturing services, high-speed fiber drawing and curing of coatings to support China’s new infrastructure construction.

Precious metals lifecycle management

As one of the world’s largest consumers of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), China consumes one third of the global PGM supply, yet has only very limited natural PGMs and relies mainly on imports. Recycling is an economical and green way to supplement precious metals supply, with lower energy consumption by a factor of 300 and less carbon footprint by a factor of 200 – 300 compared with mining. Heraeus operates a world-class precious metal plant in Nanjing for precious metals recycling and chemical production.

At the CIIE, Heraeus also presented porcelain kitchenware from The Beast, a lifestyle brand, to show the exquisite decorative effects of Heraeus’ precious metal colors and how they can help improve the quality of life of Chinese consumers.

Renewable energy

Heraeus is a worldwide leading supplier of metallization solutions to the PV industry. Heraeus Photovoltaics’ newest SOL 7 silver pastes can provide higher efficiencies, resulting in better yields and higher output for cell manufacturers. The portfolio has helped Chinese customers achieve several world records for solar cell efficiency, helping to accelerate the development of renewable energy industry.


From metal ceramic substrates to solder pastes and sinter materials, to bonding wires and ribbons, Heraeus Electronics offers a full range of matched materials for power modules with outstanding properties and reliability to ensure energy efficiency, environmental soundness and safety. For example, Heraeus aluminum wires are used for battery connection by a popular international new energy vehicle (NEV) brand.

Heraeus Nexensos offers standardized and customized platinum temperature sensors for real-time temperature monitoring of electric drives, power batteries and drive motors in NEVs, as well as for temperature monitoring of charging interfaces and charging stations to avoid excessively high temperature during charging, which is critical to the healthy development of the NEV industry.

Semiconductor manufacturing

In today’s information age, chips are widely used in a variety of electronic products and systems, such as computers, mobile phones, automobiles, telecommunications, AI and cloud computing, serving as a core foundation of high-end manufacturing. Heraeus offers high-purity quartz glass that is an essential material in chip manufacturing. It enables chip manufacturers to improve the yield of advanced production processes, and thus drives the advancement of Chinese semiconductor industry, which plays an important role in enhancing the living standards of Chinese people.

Automation in metallurgy and foundry

China is a major steel producer in the world. Heraeus’ continuous temperature measuring system and direct analysis system can be used to save time in steel production. Automated, accurate and continuous measurement of temperature and fast analysis of compositions can help steel companies reduce energy consumption, prevent accidents, save labor and significantly increase productivity. Heraeus’ automated process control system for spheroidal graphite iron and compacted graphite iron production applies advanced thermal analysis theories to analyze and guide the treatment of molten iron to ensure metallurgical quality and stability, providing strong support for automobiles with engines that use compacted graphite iron.