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We kindly ask for your understanding that we are going to answer only press requests.

For general information such as presentation as service provider, sponsoring or surveys please be so kind and make use of our contact form .

Press and Media Contacts

Tore Prang

Executive Vice President Communications & Marketing

Michael Schattenmann

Global Head of Storytelling & Marketing Communications & Marketing

Marketing Contacts

Marketing in General

Gerhard Kirchner

Head of Brand Marketing Communications & Marketing

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Elisabeth Huth

Marketing & Communications Heraeus Precious Metals

Electronics and Automotive

Hui Qi "Hannah" Lim

Heraeus Electronics Marketing Asia

Linda Stenger

Marketing Heraeus Electronics

Ryan Herrmann

Sales and Marketing Electronics (America)

Sensors for liquid metals and platinum temperature sensors

Koen Carlier

Marketing & Sales Heraeus Electro-Nite

Lisa Ritter

Marketing Heraeus Sensor Technology


Meike Zimni

Marketing Heraeus Medical

Medical Components

JoAnn Falkers

Marketing Heraeus Medical Components

Precious Metals - Trading, Services & Recycling

Elisabeth Huth

Marketing & Communications Heraeus Precious Metals

Specialty Lighting Sources

Juliane Henze

Marketing Heraeus Noblelight (Ultraviolett)

Dr. Marie-Luise Bopp

Marketing Heraeus Noblelight (Infrared)


Fezan Sayed

Head of Strategy & Sales - Americas Heraeus Photovoltaics

Quartz Glass

Christina Pihan

Marketing Heraeus Quarzglas

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