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Datum Meldung
The West lost at least another 1000 tonnes of large gold bars in 2015
Over the last number of years, one of the most interesting trends in the physical gold world is the ongoing conversion of large 400 ounce gold bars into smaller high purity 1 kilogram gold bars to meet the insatiable demand of Asian gold markets such as China and India.
Heraeus launches appeal against Taiwanese IP court decision
German silver paste manufacturer Heraeus announced that it has appealed the decision of Taiwanese regional intellectual property (IP) court, following its July 7th decision that Giga Solar does not infringe on its patent.
Heraeus and Tongwei team on next-gen solar cell material development
Major metallization paste producer Heraeus Photovoltaics has extended its supplier status with major China-based integrated PV module manufacturer, Tongwei Solar to collaborate on next-generation high-efficiency wafer and solar technologies.
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