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Production of additive manufactured components from refractory metals and precious metals

Special metals are often difficult and expensive to process. Nevertheless, refractory or precious metals are the optimal material for some applications due to their special properties, such as high heat resistance, corrosion resistance or good thermal conductivity. The specialists at Heraeus Additive Manufacturing have many years of process expertise to process these special metals into ready-to-use components and optimize them according to requirements. They use our EBM (electron beam melting) and SLM (selective laser melting) printers. Your advantages as a customer: You receive customized, ready-to-use solutions and do not have to purchase the expensive raw material yourself.

Our services

Heraeus Additive Manufacturing offers customers tailor-made design support - from the material to the finished component:

  • We offer special alloys of refractory and precious metals that are tailored to your requirements as a customer.
  • We print components made of high-quality and difficult to process special metals according to your specifications.

Our team will be pleased to advise you individually on your project.

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