Aluminum alloys – powder for additive manufacturing

AlSi10Mg in additive manufacturing – ideal for lightweight components

AlSi10Mg is an age-hardening cast Aluminum alloy with good hardness, strength and dynamic toughness. Traditionally it is used as a casting alloy. In AM, powder made of AlSi10Mg is commonly used, due to the high corrosion resistance, low density and high mechanical strength of the final components. AM parts require a reduced thermal post-processing in contrast to cast components. Typical applications are found within aerospace and automotive industry. Benefit from our 3-day delivery – please contact us for more information!


  • Structure parts like brackets etc.
  • Brake caliper
  • Heat sinks

Scalmalloy® - the innovative alloy specifically developed for 3D printing


Scalmalloy® is the first aluminum alloy that has been specifically developed for additive manufacturing. With the additions of magnesium and scandium, Scalmalloy® is currently the strongest aluminium alloy that can be processed by Additive Manufacturing and free from cracks.

The alloy was specifically developed by Airbus Group for the aviation and aerospace sectors. Due to its high ductility, resistance to corrosion and weldability, Scalmalloy® is used in lightweight construction, motorsport, aviation and aerospace, as well as the automotive sector and robotics.

Scalmalloy® can easily be used in any common powder bed-based SLM system. Each Scalmalloy® powder batch is qualified by us on our printers (system manufacturer: EOS). This enables us to guarantee you consistently high quality. Scalmalloy® powder is available to purchase at Heraeus. Our material and process experts will also support you in research and development projects – please contact us for more information!