Metal powder for additive manufacturing

In additive manufacturing with metals, a stable process with reproducible results is one of the greatest challenges. Consistent powder quality and printing parameters that are specially adapted to the respective printing technology are essential for success, particularly in high tech applications.

Additive manufacturing processes are extremely specific. Different powders, printers, and processes are needed, depending on the applications. All parameters need to be carefully synchronized. That is the only way to ensure that the built components have the desired characteristics and the process achievs reliable results. And that might be the only possibility the process can be designed quickly and cost-efficiently.

A comprehensive portfolio of materials that include customer-specific alloys that must be optimized to their application in 3D printing provides a basis for making the right choice. High purity spherical particles, precise particle size distribution, and absence of gas cavities and satellites are particularly important. This makes it possible to reach essential characteristics such as ideal flowability and apparent density to be consistent from batch to batch.

Metallpulver für die additive Fertigung – kundenspezifische Legierung

Heraeus metal powders for powder bed processes such as EBM (electron beam melting), DED (Direct Energy Deposition) and LBM (laser beam melting, also called selective laser melting) are atomized crucible-free in the EIGA (electrode induction melting gas atomization) process (to over 3,000° C), and thereby meet all necessary quality requirements. Our portfolio of powders includes aluminium, steel and copper alloys, nickel and cobalt superalloys as well as refractory metals and customer-specific alloys. For every metal powder we develop the optimum printing parameters for the particular component.

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Metal powder portfolio