Titanium Alloys – powder for additive manufacturing

Titanium and titanium aluminide in additive manufacturing - the first choice for lightweight components

Titanium Alloys

Titanium aluminide (TiAl) and titanium are characterized by low weight in combination with high mechanical strength. At the same time, the material is brittle and difficult to process in traditional processes. Use of the EBM (electron beam melting) in additive manufacturing makes processing possible.

High-strength combined with the ability to withstand high temperatures make titanium aluminide particularly attractive for applications in engine and turbine components in the aerospace industry. Up to 60% weight savings and very high mechanical strength ensure reduced CO2 emissions, among other things, making titanium aluminide the material of the future for lightweight construction in the automotive industry. Specific alloys such as Ti64 grade 23 (Ti6Al4V) is a titanium alloy especially in demand in medical technology for hip implants.

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Here you will find our data sheets for the titanium and titanium aluminide powders