Hannover Messe 2017: Heraeus works as an innovative industry partner with SAP on the future of 3D printing

Hanau, Germany, April 20, 2017

  • New SAP Distributed Manufacturing application enables additive manufacturing “just in time”
  • Heraeus was selected for the collaboration as a materials expert for special metals
Additive Manufacturing at Heraeus

Heraeus Additive Manufacturing is joining SAP SE at the Hannover Messe on April 24-28 as a selected industry partner and materials specialist to present SAP Distributed Manufacturing, the new technology platform that enables faster implementation of additive manufacturing in production and supply chains (Hall 7, Stand B04).

Supported by the innovative SAP application, manufacturing companies work together with producers of 3D printers, service providers, material producers and logistics providers in virtual project rooms to efficiently produce components “just in time,” i.e. to align supply and demand .

Heraeus brings extensive expertise as a materials specialist

As a specialist for the production of metal powders for additive manufacturing, Heraeus is a leading partner in the development of new metal alloys. Tobias Caspari, Head of Heraeus Additive Manufacturing, is convinced of the benefits of the new SAP platform: “Since additive manufacturing always requires alignment of the different aspects of production, the platform’s collaborative process is ideal. All the experts involved can collaborate live through the virtual platform. That saves a lot of time and simplifies coordination.”

SAP Distributed Manufacturing bundles supply and demand for industrial additive manufacturing and combines a common design as well as material optimization, integrating them into the customer’s supply chain, and aims to more fully exploit the potential of 3D printing. Heraeus has been developing special metals and the corresponding 3D printing processes since 2015. The challenge starts with manufacturing the powder. Expertise on materials and process is crucial, as the metal powders and the printing process have to be perfectly aligned.

Additive Manufacturing

The word “additive” is used to describe manufacturing processes that create components by building up layer after layer of metal, polymers or special materials. The use of additive methods such as selective laser melting to produce components from amorphous metal alloys opens up new possibilities for users. In what are known as powder-bed systems, layers of a powder (typically 20-50 micrometers thick) are applied to the substrate plate, and the cross-section of the component to be produced is melted by laser or electron beam and fused to the underlying structural layers. In this way, extremely complex structures can be manufactured layer by layer from a wide variety of materials.