Pushing the Limits of Additive Manufacturing

with 3D printed components made of special materials and high-performance metal powders from Heraeus Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing with metals

3D printing of components made of refractory metals and precious metals as well as development and qualification of high-performance metal powders

Additive manufacturing has developed into a sustainable technology that makes innovations possible in many industries. 3D printing allows components with complex geometries to be created that could not be produced using conventional methods. Heraeus Additive Manufacturing is specialized in 3D printing with special materials such as refractory metals and precious metals , which we process into ready-to-use components and optimize according to customer requirements. They are used especially in solutions from the areas of digitization and Industry 4.0. In addition, our experts qualify metal powders and the corresponding printing parameters for additive manufacturing. Our customers benefit from a continuously high product quality from batch to batch.