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MedtecLive & SUMMIT 2021

MedtecLive is an international trade fair for medical technology and networks all market participants in this industry, from classic suppliers to manufacturers. This year, the event takes place virtually for the second time and offers the high-level congress MedtecSUMMIT as a perfect complement.

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Complex to imagine - simple to create: Amorphous metals in medical technology to solve previously unsolved problems

Preferred materials for personalized implants, orthopedic and medical devices face a multitude of high demands at the same time. In addition to biocompatibility standards, manufacturability and surface functionality, especially the adaptation of complex individual geometries are current challenges that highlight the bottleneck between a material solution approach and the specific application. The promising approach of using amorphous metals in this context has already proven to be viable in practical studies and implementations. The properties of the metallic glasses, as they are also called, are the focus in order to design applications for previously unsolved problems.

The structural and mechanical properties, especially the elasticity with a Young's modulus close to that of a human bone, combined with the high strength of the amorphous metallic materials bring advantages in the use of compression plates or spinal implants. Certifications according to ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-12 are already available for Heraeus AMLOY alloys and show an excellent classification of their biocompatibility. Likewise, this product range can already be used in near net shape technologies, i.e. 3D printing as well as injection molding, so that the individualized components of medical applications can be manufactured with high quality according to the state of the art. Due to their unique atomic structure and the absence of grain and phase boundaries, as well as a resulting high corrosion resistance and MRI-compatibility, amorphous metals enable their beneficial use in many other medical applications including dental and prosthetics. Advantageous approaches can also be shown for yet unsolved implementations such as bone implants in the costal arch region.

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Jürgen Wachter, Head of Heraeus Amloy

Jürgen Wachter, Head of Heraeus AMLOY

„We are pleased to participate in this year's MedtecLive as an exhibitor and to show our latest developments in the production of amorphous components via injection molding and additive manufacturing. Especially in the field of medical technology, materials have to meet very high requirements. Here, amorphous metals have quite a few advantages over the conventional materials steel and titanium: This material combines the advantages of strength and elasticity. Due to its low modulus of elasticity, it adapts perfectly to the bone, promotes recovery and is also very well biocompatible. Together with the University of Graz, we are researching patient-specific implants and their production in close cooperation with clinics as part of the "Clinical Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications" project (CAMed). Challenge us with your product ideas that were previously not feasible due to existing material properties. We look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with you during the digital event."

Valeska Melde, Head of Marketing & Sales Heraeus Amloy

Valeska Melde, Head of Marketing & Sales

"It is a great pleasure for us to be able to present our offering to a large audience despite the current pandemic. During MedtechLive, we will explain to interested parties how our solutions improve our customers' products and enable components that were previously impossible to manufacture, ultimately having a positive impact on patients. This is possible using the material properties of our amorphous alloys, which we process into high-quality components using our near-net-shape process technologies. With our offer we support our customers to improve existing solutions or to make them possible at all by using the unique material properties. In addition to our virtual trade fair profile, we are particularly looking forward to exchanging ideas with you in our live presentations. Be our guest, see for yourself how our solutions can support you and enjoy the event."

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