Antistatic Coatings

Static charges can lead to numerous problems and often occur on plastic surfaces. Coating with Clevios™ produces surfaces with an antistatic, static dissipative, or conductive finish with a precisely tunable sheet resistances (SR) in the range of 10E4 – 10E10 Ohm/sq.

Excellent optical properties, high transmission, low haze, and good durability make Clevios™ the perfect choice to coat functional, protective, and release films used in the LCD industry.

Antistatic, static dissipative, and conductive Clevios™ coatings of IC packaging trays prevent damage of sensitive electronic components by ESD (electrostatic discharge). Clevios™ coatings allow visual inspection of parts and components in the packaging trays as they are clear and transparent. Unlike carbon-filled materials, Clevios is clean and does not generate particles.

Clevios™ is also widely used in non-electronics applications, such as windows, instrument housings, specialty papers, photographic films, construction and building materials, release coatings etc. where Clevios™ helps to prevent the build-up of static charges.

Many plastics can be coated with Clevios™, including polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyamide (PA), and polypropylene (PP). A surface activation such as corona or plasma treatment should be performed prior to coating to enhance the adhesion to the substrate. Primer coated substrates can also be a good choice. The coating formulation is either prepared from Clevios™ P grades that are aqueous PEDOT:PSS dispersion raw materials, or one of our ready to use Clevios™ F formulations is directly applied.

Overview of Clevios™ P and Clevios™ F grades for antistatic applications:

Description Grade Surface Resistance Range [Ohm/sq] Typical Transmission (incl. substrate)
Dispersion for static dissipative and conductive formulations Clevios™ PT 2 raw material for formulations raw material for formulations
Formulation for stabilized conductive coatings Clevios™ F 020 ≤ 10E3 >85 %
Formulation for static dissipative coatings Clevios™ F 010 > 10E3 >88 %
Formulation for conductive and static dissipative coatings Clevios™ F AS > 10E4 >88 %
Formulation for antistatic and static dissipative coatings Clevios™ F AS8 ≥ 10E6 >89 %
Formulation for static dissipative coatings; high chemical resistance Clevios™ F 141M ≥ 10E6 >87 %
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