Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics will be one of the keys for next generation electronics devices produced by printing processes in high volume at low cost. Devices with new form factors for example flexible and stretchable electronics with higher durability will be possible. Some of the current main drivers of printed electronics are the internet of things, wearable electronics, printed sensors, OLED, energy harvesting, batteries etc.

Heraeus offers its Clevios™ product range as conductive material for various printing technologies including:

  • Screen printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Gravure printing

Clevios can function as printed (transparent) electrode in various devices, e.g. capacitive touch sensors and 3D touch switches, flexible touch panels, OLED, OPV, smart-windows, EL lighting, piezoelectric pressure sensors, printed loudspeakers, electrochromic displays and indicators, etc.


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