CSEM Brasil, Sunew, and Heraeus to showcase OPV prototypes and materials at LOPEC 2017

Organic photovoltaics (OPV) is a young yet promising technology. In contrast to their inorganic silicon counterparts, organic solar cells can be made portable with very low weight, highly flexible, colorful, aesthetic - simply beautiful, recyclable, low carbon footprint and even transparent. Manifold new products and applications are being created and have started to develop. OPV is a good example of organic electronics being able to leverage full advantage of large-area low-cost roll-to-roll printing. Companies have meanwhile installed the first highly productive roll-to-roll production lines with CSEM Brasil and Sunew in a leading position.

Efficiencies and lifetime of OPV modules have been constantly improving and will further do so in future. To accelerate technology development and commercialization, a close cooperation of the entire value chain is of immense importance.

CSEM Brasil, Sunew and Heraeus have been cooperating for some years already, evaluating and optimizing conductive polymers and silver pastes in organic solar cells. Heraeus is well known in the industry as a leading silver paste supplier to the current c-Si PV market, and is committed to OPV materials. “Further material optimization, improvement, and scale-up to position the company as strong and reliable partner and material supplier for the emerging OPV market is of significant importance to Heraeus”, says Bernd Stenger, Exec. VP Sales and Marketing of Heraeus.

OPV technology enables, due to its intrinsic characteristics, new market opportunities as building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – glass facades, mobility, urban furniture, light covers, consumer electronics, and many more. “Our vision is to intensively integrate clean energy generation to the context of cities and people’s lives: Energy Everywhere. OPV come as the best solution and that is the reason why we decide to invest on its development and to create Sunew as one of the main players of this new industry”, says Tiago Alves, CEO of CSEM Brasil and Chairman of Sunew.

Therefore, the three companies will showcase OPV technology at this year’s LOPEC 2017 show in Munich during March 29 and 30. OPV product prototypes and materials will be highlighted at the booths of Heraeus (#316) and CSEM Brasil/Sunew (#505) to bring this exciting technology closer to a broad audience.

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