C-Touch Shenzhen 2016

Flexible Touch Panel solutions for the Future from Heraeus - Visit us at hall 1, booth 1E51

This is the fifth year Heraeus attends C-Touch fair in Shenzhen. Over the years, we have seen every year focus on different materials and technologies, giving lively evidence that the Display and related Touch Panel Industry are so dynamic in changing designs and technology with very short life time cycles.

Also Heraeus changed a lot during this time. We started 2011 with promoting our Clevios™ conductive polymer on our small blue booth, already with the clear slogan ‘Touch the Future’ and the target to become the conductive electrode of choice for this Industry, but without any evidence, despite cans of blue liquid.

In 2015 we show an assembly of the whole value chain for this kind of transparent electrode on our booth, starting with a formulator offering different functions, over to coated PET film and ready-made sensors. Already a big progress, showing that Heraeus is evolving from raw material supplier to a solution provider, with ‘flexible transparent electrode’ as the solution description. Meanwhile we have regular sales along the chain with our partners in US and Asia, providing application support from our labs in Germany and Taiwan.

Today we are again one step further, showcasing not only material solutions but also smart production technology by our IR and UV curing modules and equipment. We are sure that photonic curing methods will replace traditional thermocuring more and more, convincing customers by the most energy-efficient process and extremely high throughputs, allowing cost-effective mass production methods even like roll-to-roll.

Within Heraeus, we can combine our materials and processes. And beyond we offer potential customers a set which is already optimized and only one step away from system integration into a whole production line, which we will leave in the hand of the final customer. Still customers can expect support in parameter and design setting from our application labs in Shanghai, Germany, Japan and US.

With this setup, we target to provide new ways of flexible Display and flexible Touch Panel production, as the first example of overlapping competencies at our company. You can find demonstrators with function already on our booth. We are sure there are much more opportunities to come in the exciting field of Printed Electronics, Semiconductor and next generation Display, especially looking at our recently extended Organic Chemical product portfolio or low temperature conductive pastes.. Heraeus will continue this road and become a leading supplier in this market.

Key benefits of foldable Clevios touch panel production:

  • High flexibility, transparency, and conductivity
  • Complete process optimization service
  • Low cost solution in coating and printing
  • Invisible patterning process by DFR (dry-film resist) photolithography or screen printing
  • 300.000 times film bending at 1 mm radius
  • Flexible 7-inch touch panel prototypes
Clevios Process
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