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Pure as light

technology report online, September 2013

When parents prepare a bottle for their child, they want to be sure that the powdered milk is pure and safe. But how is that controlled? With Heraeus deuterium lamps!

Deuterium lamp
Deuterium lamp for analyzing babyfood

Today's foodstuffs are tested for cleanness with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and processes. Deuterium lamps from Heraeus provide the light source for these highly­sensitive analyses and help render undesirable impurities – in powdered infant formula, for example – visible even in trace amounts.

They emit an almost continuous spectrum of light ranging from UV wavelengths to the visible spectral range. This makes them the ideal light source for high-precision absorption measurement.

To meet the requirements for lower detection limits and higher resolution capabilities of modern analytical equipment, the newest generation of deuterium lamps achieves approximately 30% higher performance with two to three times lower noise level values compared to traditional deuterium lamps. As such, they are designed for use in ultra-high-performance liquid­chromatography (UPHLC) detectors, which are also used in medical applications such as blood testing, and doping and drug control testing.

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