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Fresh cheese with 85% less energy

technology report online, October 2013

Resealable food packaging keeps cheese fresh for a long time. But this type of packaging requires special adhesives, and they use large amounts of energy – until now.

UV curing solutions
Source: Collano Adhesives AG
UV curing solutions for efficient surface treatment

Demanding applications for adhesives such as film and food labels, high-performance adhesive tapes and resealable food packaging require innovative special adhesives.

UV-curable hotmelt adhesives are solid at room temperature, they are applied at elevated temperature from the molten stage. Before they develop their characteristic adhesive properties, they have to be cross-linked by UV radiation. Temperature, time and composition of the adhesive are decisive factors in this process that require large amounts of energy.

In cooperation with Collano®, the Swiss adhesives specialist, Heraeus has developed a UV curing solution that enables energy efficient kinds of cross-linking of radiation-curing adhesive systems. Compared to conventional UV curing methods, up to 85 % of energy can be saved with Soluva® UVC hotmelt.

This means that practical cheese packaging can be manufactured at a reasonable cost, making both the cheesemaker and cheese lovers happy.

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