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New formula means improved performance

technology report online, January 2014

Modern display screens are made of organic electronic materials manufactured with conductive polymers such as Heraeus Clevios. A new formula opens up new possibilities.

Conductive Polymers
As aqueous dispersions, conductive polymers for condensers and touchscreens are blue liquids.

Conductive polymers have made it possible to develop modern displays. Heraeus offers a wide range of related products under the Clevios product family.

With the CleviosTM HY 1 formulation, Heraeus aimed to develop a product range with superior conductivity. The high-tech material is suitable for use as electrodes in touchscreens and printed electronics.

The development of highly conductive materials (PEDOT:PSS materials) expands opportunities for Heraeus device manufacturers in the touchscreen market and in printed electronics.

HY 1 can be applied to both plastic and glass and produces a smooth, thin conductive film. It also supports traditional printing methods, including gravure and slot die coating.

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