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Walking better with Heraeus bone cement

technology report online, June 2014

People who need a prosthetic hip joint want to get back on their feet soon. They benefit when the prosthetic is protected against infection and lasts a long time.

The key product PALACOS®, is regarded as the Gold Standard amongst bone cements, with a history of clinical efficacy spanning five decades.

When it comes to anchoring a hip prosthesis securely to the bone, the Heraeus bone cement Palacos® has set the standard in Europe and the United States for almost 50 years. It has also proven effective as a base for antibiotics, thus reducing the risk of infection in joint replacement surgery.

Long-term clinical trials and clinical documentation confirm that prostheses cemented with Palacos® have a particularly long service life. Heraeus markets this high-quality bone cement worldwide and continues to develop the product. For example with the approval of a version containing two antibiotics that is particularly useful in cases of gentamicin resistance.

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