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300 million kilometers of information highway

technology report online, July 2014

Our data travels at the speed of light. But what are the information highways made of – those optical fibers running underground and below the oceans?

Quartzglas preform
High-purity fused silica products by Heraeus for optical fiber preform.

They are as fine as a single hair, yet they are enormously powerful: Optical fibers make it possible to transport huge quantities of data quickly and securely across continents and oceans.

Heraeus develops and produces high-purity synthetic silica glass tubes and cylinders for manufacturing effective optical fibers. Because optical fibers are made of a special quartz glass. Only this makes it possible for light to travel so far without losing information along the way.

Demand for these data lines is high. After all, the scope of data transfer is steadily rising, and the end is nowhere in sight. Every year more than 300 million kilometers of optical fibers are laid around the world.

Heraeus Quarzglas has contributed to the production of significantly more than 600 million kilometers of optical fibers for optical data transmission technology. This is equivalent to four times the distance between the sun and our Earth.

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