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Heat at the push of a button for cool water

technology report online, August 2014

The water in a swimming pool must be clean, so it is constantly filtered. But filter construction is complicated – or at least it used to be, before the use of infrared emitters.

Infrared emitter
Source: Dr. Uwe Egen, IPWC
A Heraeus infrared emitter specially constructed in this shape welds the seam between the halves of a swimming pool filter housing.

Housings for swimming bath filters are relatively large and thick-walled and must be pressure-resistant. They are injection-molded in two halves in polypropylene and the two halves are welded together. A real challenge, as the filter housing, when in its operating position, was clearly visible so that the welding seam had to be optically perfect.

One of the largest Omega infrared emitters ever manufactured from Heraeus provided this solution. This special emitter has the shape of a Greek letter omega, a diameter of 61 cm and is fitted with a 180° gold reflector, so that the heat can be totally targeted to where it is needed.

Infrared radiation is transmitted without contact and generates heat directly in the product to be heated. Consequently it is superior to conventional methods, such as heating by contact plates. The two halves of the filter unit can be precisely centered and this improves the quality of the welding seam.

Thus, infrared emitters greatly simplify the manufacturing process. Good for clean water. Now nothing stands in the way of the next refreshing swim.

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