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Images on the screen by invisible means

technology report online, October 2014

The grid lines on a modern touch screen must be invisible. After all, the user should see the image, not the display itself. How does it work?

Clevios™ – Organic electronics for touch screens

Under the brand name Clevios™, Heraeus produces conductive polymers that take the form of bluish dispersions; they form electrical functional coatings on flexible touch screens for smartphones and tablet PCs.

These intuitive user interfaces are based on innovative organic electronics on thin films with conductive coatings which are printed onto thin, highly flexible films with conductive coatings. The coatings are no more than 100 up to 200 nanometers thick. With a combination of various conductive polymers and a newly developed etching technology it is possible to make these functional films on touch screens invisible to the human eye.

Modern touch screen technology requires specific structuring of the surface into conductive and nonconductive areas. The Heraeus etching technology replaces mechanical structuring by deactivating the conductivity without removing the polymer. This results in conductive structures that are completely invisible to the eye.

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