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Allways and everywhere online with flexible displays

technology report online, April 2016

Today you are sitting in a café or at the beach rolling out your newspaper to read the latest news. In five years you will roll out your highly flexible touchscreen to read the latest news online. Sounds like a pipe dream?

Heraeus offers a large portfolio of materials and technologies for printed electronics. These include conductive polymers and printing pastes as well as process technologies such as specialty light sources.

Infographics - Flexible Displays

“From a customer perspective, foldable and rollable displays are extremely important, because customers want larger and larger screens but, at the same time, they want a compact, transportable device. That’s actually a contradiction, but one that can be solved in the future with flexible, foldable displays that can be folded and rolled like a newspaper.”

(Dr. Armin Sautter, director of Technical Service Displays at Heraeus New Businesses)

Heraeus is accelerating the development of flexible touchscreens

Heraeus Clevios
Source: Heraeus

Heraeus developed a groundbreaking improvement for mass production of Clevios™ -coated films in a collaborative research project with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, Taiwan) for flexible, curved, three-dimensional touchscreens as well as wearable functional apparel, for example.

With printed electronics for displays produced by the meter, in addition to using suitable materials, fast drying surfaces are important, along with good conductivity of the applied silver pastes. The optimal process should dry and sinter quickly and efficiently while not damaging the often temperature-sensitive polymer substrates. Heraeus developed a custom infrared module for this purpose, that is almost 2000 times faster than traditional drying processes. It can dry and sinter lightning-fast in a single step.

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