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Starting the racing season with 50% less weight

technology report online, May 2017

Less weight for more speed. 3D-printed components from Heraeus support the racecar from TU Darmstadt for the new competition series.

The new TU Darmstadt racecar for the current Formula Student competition contains no fewer than five ultralight 3D-printed components from Heraeus:

Once again, the Formula Student team from TU Darmstadt is driving with special aluminum components made using additive manufacturing at Heraeus.

First milestone: maximum weight reduction.

The core of the student racecar: a 3D-printed steering shaft. It is made from a special aluminum alloy and with barely 300 grams it is nearly 50% lighter than the model that preceded.

Also the 3D-printed motor shafts for each wheel suspension are 50% lighter than their predecessors due to a new design.

With these new constructions the racing team will start into a new season. Heraeus wishes good luck!

„The Formula Student is a good testing ground for our young development team, where they can test and optimize new designs and materials for additive manufacturing.“

Tobias Caspari, head of Heraeus Additive Manufacturing

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