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Within 84 days the most modern production facility for UV LED modules

technology report online, June 2017

84 days, 25 kilometers of cable, 2.2 kilometers of pipelines, 30 tons of steel: a single storey warehouse was turned into Europe's most modern and largest UV LED module production site. Innovative production processes surpasses industrial standards.

The most modern UV LED module production in Europa is based in Hanau at Heraeus Headquarter. The new state-of-the-art UV LED module production is now open to deliver high-quality and customized solutions for industrial curing processes and allows access to high-quality in-house materials.

Heraeus Noblelight produces Semray® in the new production facility.

The gold wire bonder is at the heart of the production process. It produces very robust connections, exceeding even industrial standards. The production was designed based on the latest lean and quality standards, including clean-room technology. With the professional manufacturing infrastructure it contributes to a high production volume.

“Our new UV LED module production features a sophisticated quality concept that achieves a highly efficient flow of materials throughout the whole production. Systems consisting of many hundreds of parts can be produced efficiently and with high quality. This is very important for complex industrial applications.”

Jan Strauß, Head of Production OED at Heraeus Noblelight

Heraeus Noblelight produces Semray®, the new Plug & Play system, in the new production facility. The UV LED solution sets new standards in production flexibility and -efficiency. High power micro-optics gather the UV radiation and minimize stray light. In this way the UV curing processes can be achieved with a 30 percent faster production speed and with significantly higher working distance.

Hard, harder, Semray

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