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Significant performance improvements with Porocarb® reduces fuel consumption and emissions

technology report online, September 2017

As the oldest type of rechargeable battery, lead acid batteries have been a workhorse for applications from auto batteries to back-up power. The market is expected to nearly double by 2025. Porocarb®, the conductive additive from Heraeus, can help solve these growing performance requirements.

The demand for high performance batteries is growing, especially within the automotive market, as highlighted at the International Automotive Exhibition in Germany. A new generation of batteries is vital to address the requirement to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in nations around the world. Improved battery performance is not just critical to the automotive sector; there is a growing demand for high performance lead-acid batteries and advanced energy storage capabilities in numerous industries and applications, including industrial manufacturing, material handling systems, backup power storage and telecommunications. there is a growing demand for high performance lead-acid batteries.

“Batteries are expected to last longer, charge faster and deliver more power, all at a lower cost. Porocarb can help solve that equation.”

Dr. Michael Rohde, the Head of Marketing & Sales for the Heraeus Battery Technology group

Battery in the renewable energy landscape

New synthetic carbon additive improves lead acid battery life and performance.


  • Increasing charge acceptance by up to 120%.
  • Enabling quick recharging in advanced lead-acid batteries for brake energy recovery.
  • Increasing endurance cycle life by up to 100% for a longer lifetime of electrical power systems.
  • Nearly 50% more capacity at deep-discharge operations for longer power supply in industrial and automotive applications.
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