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3D printing on the way to economic industrialization

technology report online, November 2017

The industrial 3D printing has big potentials within aerospace, automobile, medical technology industries and the area that we call industrial applications. The future "process of choice" strives for volume production with optimal print results.

At Formnext, the international trade fair in Frankfurt (November 14-17, Hall 3.1/C38), Heraeus will be exhibiting new industrial applications for high-value metals and alloys in additive manufacturing.

Heraeus solutions for additive manufacturing with metals

Additive Manufacturing offers big advantages. But the application is not that easy. Materials and process expertise are crucial in this regard, as the metal powders and printing process must be perfectly aligned.

EXPERTISE TO THE CORE - Heraeus develops, supplies, and qualifies appropriate powders for the layered construction of components. Therefor it is a good partner for new technology projects.

Optimal print results due to state-of-the-art simulation processses

„We can simulate not only the printability of the powders, but also the process windows and printing parameters for our materials. For one thing, we have experts and internally developed software for this purpose. In addition, in the case of ‘difficult’ materials, we can quickly and reliably predict how these can be processed.“

Tobias Caspari, head of Additive Manufacturing at Heraeus

Additive manufacturing makes weight savings possible that are not achievable through traditional manufacturing. It is possible to manufacture much lighter and yet stable functional parts with completely new design possibilities. Heraeus experts rely on state-of-the-art simulation processes in order to fully and efficiently, exhaust the possibilities, and can pre-calculate print results, which makes it possible to determine optimal process parameters.

Examples for additive manufacturing at Heraeus:

Source: csi entwicklungstechnik

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