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Smartphone touchscreens will become much more suitable for everyday use

technology report online, December 2017

Scratch resistant on display glass, more display contrast, climate resistant - an additional Clevios innovation from Heraeus makes smartphones much more robust in order to meet all daily stresses.

Heraeus reduziert mit neuen leitfähigen Polymeren störende Lichtreflexionen in Displays um 50 Prozent.

In its infancy, “mobile phones” provided basic, yet convenient telephonic communications. Today, smart phones have revolutionized the way we work and play in our connected anytime, anywhere society. They are no longer just a phone; these smart devices provide functions and capabilities that go far beyond their original purpose, serving as a digital camera, a video camcorder, a mini-computer and an entertainment streaming device, just to name a few. But these new and powerful capabilities push smart phones to their performance limits, particularly the stresses on the screen display.

In order to make the displays suitable for the future and to make them able to meet the continuous operation requirements, new technologies are needed. Conductive polymers are an important part for displays and touchscreens. The possibilities of these conductive polymers are enhanced constantly in order to produce new generation displays in a flexible and reliable way.

With its Clevios product line, Heraeus is a technology leader in helping companies improve the functionality and performance of touch screen displays. The newest Clevios innovation optimizes the optical LCD characteristics, enabling rough-handled display glass to become scratch resistant. Clevios also lessens distracting light reflexions, allowing display contrast to be reduced by more than 50%.

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