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What does light have to do with your holiday flight?

technology report online, May 2018

UNESCO has declared May 16 as "International Day of Light" to show the importance of light for science, culture, art, education, medicine and communication. For Heraeus, too, light is more than you can see. With UV and infrared light, Heraeus solves its customers' challenges technically, efficiently, intelligently and reliably, and helps save time, space and costs, protect the environment, and use energy efficiently.

International Day of Light

UV and infrared light make our lives healthier, more pleasant and more comfortable and accompany us invisibly throughout the day. We encounter modern UV technology and infrared radiation from Heraeus in a variety of applications. Would you have thought, for example, that you will encounter UV and IR at every turn during your upcoming holiday flight?

Four Questions to Dr. Christian Pels, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation (Heraeus Noblelight)

Dr. Christian Pels

Heraeus has been manufacturing UV lamps and infrared emitters for industrial applications for decades now. How can you still optimize the products, and what are the challenges for current applications?

We are continually optimizing our emitter technologies with ongoing development on the material side as well as LED technologies, in addition to increasingly using simulation tools, such as computer-aided engineering. Major challenges in the market and customer spheres include topics like digitalization and Industry 4.0, and we’ve already begun projects to address both. Additionally, energy efficiency and protecting the environment continue to play major roles in our approach. We will be tailoring our products and system solutions even more to the needs of our customers. Our “customization by building blocks model” helps our customers ensure their competitive advantage.

What does the International Day of Light mean for a specialty light source manufacturer?

We’re both a specialty light source manufacturer and a solution provider—we cover all technically usable wavelengths of the non-visible light spectrum. It’s important that we show what you can do with specialty light sources and what innovations are possible in the future with technical light sources. An event like the International Day of Light creates a bridge to communicate with the end user.

How do you develop new emitters, and how do you involve the customer in the process?

Product developments always come about in close consultation with our customers. We’re often involved in their development process, too. We understand specialty light sources and their applications and can advise our customers. However, much has to be tested in advance. We use theoretical models and combine them with practical tests, either directly on site with the customer or in our application centers around the world.

Where are the current and future primary markets and areas of application for UV and IR emitters?

Our primary markets and areas of application are the environment and analysis, the automotive industry, the electronics and semiconductor industries as well as coating and printing. Innovations come about, for example, by pairing modern emitter technologies with digital approaches, as well by using and combining innovative materials.

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