Richard Küch Award - The award for "Best Cooperation"

Dr. Richard Küch Source: Heraeus
Dr. Richard Küch (1860-1915)

The award for „Best Cooperation“ was named after the physicist and chemist Dr. Richard Küch (1860-1915). His many inventions had a crucial impact on the company’s development. He made R&D an integral part of the company’s philosophy.

Heraeus received its first patent in 1891 for a process developed by Küch for gilding sheet platinum. In 1899, Küch succeeded in producing bubble-free, high-purity quartz glass. The process he created for melting rock crystal using oxyhydrogen blowpipe technology led to the start of quartz glass production at Heraeus. The mercury vapor quartz glass lamp made its debut in 1904, and it became the market leader as the Höhensonne – Original Hanau® artifi cial sunray lamp. The standardized platinum resistance thermometer was also created by Küch in 1906.