2019 C-Touch

Heraeus at C-Touch & Display 2019

Discover the reliable and durable solution for flexible touchscreens. Find out about latest innovation in display materials technology from Heraeus, the pioneer and technology leader in conductive polymers.

Visit us at C-Touch & Display in Shenzhen, China on November 21 to 23, 2019.

UV LED Curing System - Semray®

UV LED Curing System - Semray®

Heraeus Semray® is the easy-to-use UV plug & play revolution – and the smart solution for your production chain. Semray® provides smart answers to all your challenges.

  • ONE UV LED segment.
  • ONE backplane.
  • ONE data cable.
  • ONE power cable.
  • Independent of of the width.

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CleviosTM HY E

The Reliable and Flexible Innovation: CleviosTM HY E

Introducing CleviosTM HY E – the next-generation material for foldable touch displays. We’re excited about the significant impact this will have on the development of smartphones, televisions, and other consumer electronics as screens become rollable, durable, and more robust.

Based on our pioneering Clevios technology, CleviosTM HY E is a unique hybrid material made from conductive polymers (PEDOT) and silver nanowires (AgNW). It combines the strength of both technologies: PEDOT provides improved flexible properties, invisible patterning, intrinsic ESD protection, and improved sheet resistance isotropy, while silver nanowires realize low sheet resistances and high transmissions of the coated transparent electrode layers.

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