Heraeus at FPD China 2019

Heraeus at FPD China 2019

We bring you our latest Clevios™ innovations in conductive polymers for display applications at FPD China 2019 from 20 to 22 March 2019 in Shanghai. In focus this year: LCD Shielding and Flexible Touchscreens. Printable Hole-Injection Layer (HIL) materials for OLED displays will also be featured.

Our featured products

Clevios™ PEDOT

Clevios™ PEDOT conductive polymers

The use of intrinsically conductive polymers is rapidly developing. Marketed under the name of Clevios™ this groundbreaking 3,4-polyethylene-dioxythiophene base product range is set to continue its success story. Clevios™ PEDOT/PSS is a class leader in the field of conductive chemistry. New kinds of flexible displays, high performance electrolytic capacitors, antistatic and conductive protective and shielding layers, OLED, OPV and printed electronics are just a few of the many possible applications for Clevios™.

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Clevios™ Antistatic and Conductive Glass Coatings

Clevios™ Antistatic and Conductive Glass Coatings - for Shielding Applications

Clevios™ conductive polymers, known for their transparent conductive and flexible properties on plastic substrates are now available with hard, glass-like properties. Applicable by economic wet-coating processes, Clevios™ formulations offer coatings with high pencil hardness of 6-8H and 5B adhesion on glass after only 5 minutes thermal curing at 120°C.

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Clevios HY E

CleviosTM HY E – the next-generation material for foldable touch displays

We’re excited about the significant impact this will have on the development of smartphones, televisions, and other consumer electronics as screens become rollable, durable, and more robust.

Based on our pioneering Clevios technology, CleviosTM HY E is a unique hybrid material made from conductive polymers (PEDOT) and silver nanowires (AgNW). It combines the strength of both technologies: PEDOT provides improved flexible properties, invisible patterning, intrinsic ESD protection, and improved sheet resistance isotropy, while silver nanowires realize low sheet resistances and high transmissions of the coated transparent electrode layers.

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Clevios™  S Screen Printing Pastes

Clevios™ S Screen Printing Pastes

Clevios™ S pastes are PEDOT/PSS based formulations for screen-printing. They are used to print electrodes, especially transparent conductive electrodes that are used in many devices and novel technically advanced applications.

Clevios™ S pastes are easy to handle. Conventional hot air ovens can be used for drying. If sensitive substrates are used or if rapid drying for high production throughput is needed, the Heraeus Noblelight experts offer customized IR (infrared) emitters that allow gentle drying of Clevios within just a few seconds.

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Hall N1, Booth No 1483

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Shanghai, China

We look forward to welcoming you at FPD China 2019 in Shanghai.

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Head of Technical Service Display

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China Sales Manager

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Technical Solutions Manager

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Greater China Sales Manager

Jin Hwan Kim

Asia Regional Technical Marketing Manager

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