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Heraeus Electronics at SEMICON Taiwan 2019

Showcasing Advanced Materials for Your Packaging Solutions

For memory packaging and next-generation material innovations, the microelectronics and semiconductor industries turn to Heraeus Electronics. Innovative materials solutions from Heraeus enable customers to develop new solutions for higher current density, addressing integration challenges and to answer the demand for improved reliability, miniaturization and cost efficiency.

Meet our products and technical experts at SEMICON Taiwan:

Date: September 18 to 20

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1)

Booth: #I2408, 1F

Technology breakthrough: AgCoat™ Prime´

A perfect substitute for gold wire in the memory market that the industry has been waiting for!

Gold Coated Silver Wire (AgCoat™)

Heraeus is the 1st in the world to showcase an innovative product that substitutes costly gold wires for memory packaging. Introducing AgCoat™ Prime – a gold coated silver wire which provides uncompromised reliability and workability with lowest cost of ownership.

Does size really matter?

System in Package

Layout and form factor are crucial for System in Package design. How to pack more components in a small package?

Learn more at our booth!

Secure Your Key to Future Power Electronics

Expert Presentation at TechXPOT SEMICON Taiwan

Date: September 18

Time: 2:20PM – 2:40PM

Venue: 1F

Learn more about mAgic™ sinter paste and Die Top System (DTS®) to maximize performance and improve robustness for Automotive Power Electronics.

  • Powertrain electronics becomes an integral part of automotive electronics.
  • Performance and reliability requirements are more demanding in order to operate in extreme environment.
  • Soldered connections are reaching their limits. Challenges to implement higher current carrying capacity for higher power density.
  • Innovative power performance materials from Heraeus provides constructive solutions to outperform these challenges effectively.


Innovative packaging material increases modern automotive electrification modules performance and robustness. Heraeus Electronics provides a comprehensive suite of power performance materials with superior properties to enable operation at extreme temperature, handle power density increase and extend device service life.

Dennis Ang

Dennis Ang

Global Product Manager
(Sinter & Die Attach Materials)

Tim Lu

Tim Lu

Segment Marketing Manager APAC & Greater China, Power Electronics

Other Product Highlights at SEMICON Taiwan

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