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With Our Advanced Packaging Solutions For The Semiconductor Industry

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2020-09-23 11:36:43

With Our Advanced Packaging Solutions For The Semiconductor Industry

Heraeus Electronics at SEMICON Taiwan 2020

This year at SEMICON Taiwan, Heraeus will be showing the latest innovations to address new packaging challenges resulting from new end market applications such as 5G, Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ​

Innovative materials solutions from Heraeus enable customers to develop new solutions for higher current density, addressing integration challenges and to answer the demand for improved reliability, miniaturization and cost efficiency. Partner with Heraeus to be one step ahead of the competition and bring next generation products faster to the market.​


Stop by at our booth to learn more:​

Date : 23 September – 25 September​

Venue : 1F & 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) ​

Booth Location : I2300, 1F (Materials Pavilion)

Product highlights at SEMICON Taiwan

The Perfect Match of Performance and Cost

Latest technology breakthrough: AgCoat® Prime​

Heraeus is the 1st in the market showcasing an innovative product that substitutes costly gold wires for memory packaging. AgCoat® Prime is a gold coated silver wire which provides uncompromised reliability and workability at lower total cost of ownership. ​

Key benefits:​

  • Gas-free FAB formation in bonding process
  • Longer floor life (60 days) compared to Ag alloy wire​​
  • Improves second bond workability​
  • Improved reliability performance on HTS and TC compared to Au wire​
  • Retain customers’ existing facility infrastructure to avoid any CAPEX investment​
  • Reuse of existing ball bonders in production floor​
  • Slower IMC growth rate compared to Au wire

 Find out more here.​


Best-in-class advanced packaging solder pastes​

Continued miniaturization and the increase of complexity and functionality of packages drive the need for fine pitch solder pastes. Welco® AP5112 is a halogen-free water-soluble printing solder paste series, designed to address those challenges.​

Key benefits:​

  • Low voids with minimal solder beading​
  • Zero splashing​
  • Long work life​
  • ALL-IN-ONE Printing with Type 7 Welco® powder​

 Find out more here.


mAgic DA295A non pressure sinter paste with excellent workability​

Designed for high volume manufacturing, the new mAgic DA295A sinter paste is a lead free, non-pressure dispensing sinter paste for die attach in high performance semiconductor packages. ​

Key benefits:​

  • Improves heat dissipation to enable operation at elevated temperature​
  • Low temperature processing at ≥ 200 ⁰C​
  • Improves open time performance for wider processing window​

 ​Find out more here.


Prexonics® – System solution for EMI shielding in 5G technology​

The innovative, digital Heraeus system solution is more cost effective than all other available options. It covers consumable, equipment and digital process - all aligned by the experts in Printed Electronics.​

Key benefits:​

  • Partial/selective coating/shielding possible by selection of coating area via digital print layout. No masking required – no additional capex for equipment or tools​
  • Ink package comprises particle-free metal-organic Ag-ink plus tailored protection ink ​
  • Considerably lower capex than PVD equipment​
  • More than 10,000 parts per hour output (reference size 10x10x1mm) on hi-volume equipment​
  • Excellent shielding performance of better than -80 dB over broad frequency range​

 Find out more here.

Learn more about AgCoat® Prime at TechXPOT SEMICON Taiwan

Sales Maanger Don
Sales Manager

Presentation topic: New! AgCoat® Prime – The Perfect Substitute to Gold Bonding Wire in Memory and Smart Card applications

Date : 23 September ​

Time : 15:00 – 15:20​

​Venue : TechXPOT 1F #K2786

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