Future Energy

By 2050, global energy demand will have increased by up to 60%. The only economic and sustainable way to produce, convert and store energy will come from renewable energies. Breakthrough technologies and innovative energy solutions will help renewables to gain the competitive edge. In fact, we are already at a global tipping point towards renewables, with solar fast becoming the cheapest source of energy available.

Heraeus´ architects of sustainable growth - creating future technologies.
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Architects of sustainable growth

For a future fuelled by renewable energies, new energy concepts that directly contribute to cost efficiency are required. Combined competencies from energy generation to conversion to energy storage together account for 1/3 of the projected 50% decrease in LCOE by 2020. This is how architects of sustainable growth work towards the future of renewables.

Architects of sustainable growth

Heraeus: SMART energy of the future
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Smart energy of the future

Energy demand is constantly increasing. The energy grid of tomorrow needs more storage capacity, flexibility and a more dynamic reaction time in order to meet this challenge. Especially in big cities power must be distributed as and when required. Large scale grids must become smarter to be more cost efficient and sustainable.

Smart energy of the future

Heraeus Photovoltaics offers wide portfolio for India’s rising photovoltaic industry
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Rise of the PV industry

Rising energy demand cannot be met by burning fossil fuels. A focus on renewables offers a big chance to solve energy supply problems whilst meeting the Paris Climate Agreement. Some regions such as India face bigger challenges than others. India’s energy industry is currently unable to reliably meet demand yet faces an enormous rise in further demand. A focus on solar energy can help meet these challenges.

Renewable energy can solve India´s energy challenge

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