Fibers for Medical Laser Systems

Optical fibers for Medical Applications ©chanawit -

In modern medicine, minimal invasive surgeries are increasingly important. The dominant reason being the shorter recovery time of patients compared to standard procedures. Additionally, smaller wounds also mean lower risk of complications.

Many surgical systems rely on optical fibers. Due to unique properties of fused silica, laser light can be efficiently transported into the body. In addition, optical fibers give flexibility to reach areas of the human body that are otherwise difficult to access.

Tailored products for your specific application

The interaction of material (e.g. tissue) and light depends on wavelength and intensity. For example, green laser light at 532 nm is widely used for treatments like enlarged prostate tissue removal. The green laser light evaporates the pathological tissue. At the same time it interacts with the red blood cells and causes coagulation which stops tissue from bleeding.

Every medical application require unique light sources and light guiding properties for the utilized optical fibers. The graph below shows typical applications and preform types which can be used in that wavelength range.