Challenges in Lamp Manufacturing

Lamp Manufacturing

Today’s specialty lamp industry is evolving down different paths. If your design requires the properties of high end quartz material, Heraeus is the right partner for your business.

With over a 100 years of expertise in doped and undoped, high purity and synthetic fused silica we can support all high end lamp applications.

UV lighting applications

UV light is a state-of-the-art solution for surface purification, surface activation, curing, disinfection, cleaning and food preservation.

  • Low pressure lamps:
    Tubing for low pressure UV lamps requires a balance between geometry, cost efficiency while meeting the transmission needed for your application.
    Heraeus has designed the HLQ®020 and HLQ®035 grades to meet the specific challenges of low pressure lamp manufacturers.
    More information on HLQ® grades
  • Mid pressure lamps:
    The challenges faced in mid pressure lamp applications are long lifetime paired with high radiation resistance and excellent UV stability.
    Heraeus has designed the HLQ®200 and HLQ®235 grades to meet the specific challenges of mid pressure lamp manufacturers.
    For sleeve applications the synthetic Purasil® grade is recommended.
    More information on HLQ® and Purasil® grades
  • Extreme UV applications:
    For applications that require deep UV and/or high intensities the Heraeus brands of synthetic materials are uniquely suited to meet these demands.
    Heraeus experts are available to provide application support for your custom tailored solution.

Flash lamps

Flash lamps are typically used for industrial solid state laser pumping and IPL applications. The challenges for the lamp material are lifetime and excitation efficiency.
Heraeus recommends doped and undoped flame-fused quartz tubing for these applications.

Short arc lamps

To increase the lifetime of short arc lamps high viscosity and improved purity are essential.
Heraeus recommends doped and undoped high viscosity electrically fused quartz tubing for these applications.

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