Interview with Dr. Frank Nuernberg

Today, we have interviewed Dr. Frank Nürnberg, our Global Sales Manager Science & Research Optics at Heraeus Conamic. At Heraeus Conamic we develop materials that are used for many space projects for example to map the Milky Way or to analyze black holes. In the next weeks, we will take a deeper look at some of these projects.

Frank reveals what fascinates him most about space and the universe and what he would not want to miss if he would travel into space. If you are interested in some projects Heraeus is currently working on, click  here

Space Projects Interview

Heraeus: Hey Frank! In one sentence: What fascinates you about space and the universe?

Frank: I love space and science because it is limitless and far beyond our imagination today.

Heraeus: What is your favorite space project at Heraeus and why?

Frank: Have you ever seen the first Milky Way record from ESAs GAIA Mission with almost 2 billion stars? Providing outstanding fused silica to make science like this possible … is mind-blowing.

Heraeus: What does it mean for Heraeus Conamic employees to be part of this journey?

Frank: We are proud because we are able to transform ordinary fused silica into an optical masterpiece. Or in the words of Neil Armstrong: it is a small part for a company, but an enabler for great science projects. It’s amazing, a lot of people in our production had that part in their hands, now it is in space.

Heraeus: Why do you think is it important to explore the universe?

Frank: I think it is an inner desire of everyone to know where we are from. And by the way: Is the moon really made out of cheese?

Heraeus: Name 5 things you would take with you as an astronaut into space.

Frank: Knowing that currently the astronaut personal kit is limited to a total weight of 0,68kg in a 13x20x5cm^3 bag, I would say: keg of beer and Hessian cider (Apfelwein) to educate the aliens, an humongous space station like the one in Elysium, my personal rocket girls, enough supplies for the next 100 years … will be a one way trip. That's 5, right?

Heraeus: Oh, and of course we would love to have a selfie of you. Thanks for your insights, Frank.

Frank: My pleasure. Live long and prosper ...