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June 27 - 30, Munich, Germany | Booth #B1.321

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When: June 27 - 30, 2023
Where: Booth #B1.321 at fair Munich (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)

Through the decades, Heraeus has earned a reputation of expertise and reliability. With this experience, we develop optimal photonic solutions. Talk to our Heraeus experts on site to discuss the needs of your company and the challenges you have.

Product Highlights at Laser World of Photonics


Nerasil® - High-Performance Black Fused Silica

Nerasil is a black fused silica that can be machined just like transparent fused silica. Its special optical properties make it an excellent choice for all applications where a high degree of absorption is required.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Strongly absorbent fused silica
  • Machinable as fused silica
  • Applications include mirror substrates, cuvettes, straylight suppression

 Data Sheet: Nerasil® - High-Performance Black Fused Silica

Optical fiber

Fluosil® - High-Performance Fused Silica of Highest Purity

Fluosil stands for highest-purity fused silica for specialty fiber applications with a broad spectral range. From high OH or low OH preforms and rods for passive fibers to tubes for CVD processes for the manufacturing of active and sensing fibers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Highest transmission from UV to IR
  • High Power Damage Threshold
  • Reliable High Level of Quality

 More information about preforms for specialty fibers
 More information about tubes for specialty fibers

Do you want to learn more about Optical Fused Silica Large-Core Fibers? Watch a  recording of our webinar about influence of Design and Material on Fiber Performance.

Fields of Applications

Our products are suitable for many different applications. Read more about specific applications below:

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