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Fused Silica Tubes for Optical Fiber Manufacturing

Fused Silica Tubes for Optical Fiber Manufacturing

June 14, 2023 - Optical fibers made of fused silica have many applications in communication, sensing and laser systems. The performance of optical fibers is highly sensitive on the manufacturing process and raw materials used. Peter Bauer of Heraeus Conamic is going to give some insights in manufacturing processes for fused silica tubes. Bauer presents influencing factors of these processes on purity and geometry.

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Fused Silica in Radiation Environments

Fused Silica in Radiation Environments

December, 2022 - There is an increasingly wide range of applications that must function in harsh environments, not only in current operating or future upcoming space missions, but also here on earth in particle detectors. It is important to understand the key processes of radiation and their effects on fused silica to design optical instrumentation that avoids any harm to its systems while still completing its mission. We will share an overview of fused silica as an optical material that is affected by different types of doses and radiation.

Optical Fiber

Optical Fused Silica Large-Core Fibers - Influence of Design and Material on Fiber Performance

December 2021 - Optical fibers are used in a wide variety of applications, including biomedical procedures, industrial laser cutting and welding, and spectroscopy. Fused silica is often the material of choice. Nevertheless, there are several variations of fused silica that can influence fiber performance. In this webinar, learn how different design parameters and materials influence performance and how to perfect the fiber design for specific applications.

Near Infrared

Choosing the Right Fused Silica for Applications in the Near Infrared

March 2021 - The range of applications in the NIR spectrum is expanding. Many of these are laser based. Finding the most suitable fused silica for a particular application can be challenging. In this webinar you will learn about what material properties effect performance, what characteristics are key for your application and how to balance price and performance.

Lens blank

Fused Silica Selection: Solutions for Price vs. Performance

April 2018 - Fused silica is a key material in a multitude of optical applications, including high-power laser systems, spectroscopic instrumentation, astronomy and telecommunications. In this webinar you will learn how to choose which variety of fused silica best matches the price and performance points of a given application.

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Bulk Lidt Variances

Bulk LIDT variances of fused silica: a material developer's perspective

November 2021 - Fused silica an optical material of choice for high energy laser applications and offers a wide range of advantages in the UV and NIR wavelength range. Increasing laser performance (especially with critical fluences) require detailed information on laser induced damage threshold of the optical material itself, and not just the coating.

Bulk Lidt Variances

Trends in specialty fiber optic materials: characterization and applications

March 2021 - Plasma outside deposition (POD) allows the incorporation of high fluorine contents in silica glass to manufacture multi-mode fibers. Due to all silica design and excellent material attributes, these so-called Fluosil fibers cover a wide spectrum of applications over a broad wavelength rage from UV to NIR including medical laser surgery, industrial materials processing, automotive, sensing, spectroscopy, and fiber bundles.