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Moon Gallery: The first art exhibition on the moon

As part of the international art project "Moon Gallery", artists, astrophotographers and various partner companies have joined forces to organize the first permanent art exhibition on the moon. One of the artefacts is a fused silica cube of Heraeus Conamic. Read more about the project and our contribution.

Korean company HS Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is now Heraeus Korea

Heraeus strengthens its presence as a supplier of semi-finished quartz materials with official integration of Korean company HS Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. into Heraeus Korea Corporation effective May 1st, 2022.

UN International Year of Glass 2022 - Glass from Heraeus moves the world

Windows, displays, drinking glasses, or lasers - glass is everywhere and is often unrecognized in many applications without which our modern society would not be possible. Reason enough for the UN to declare 2022 the Year of Glass worldwide to honor the scientific, economic, and cultural significance of this unique material. Heraeus has also focused on glass for more than 120 years. Read more about how Heraeus glass continues to open new applications.

We share our expertise in fused silica with you.

Quartz glass is one of the most extraordinary materials used in industry and research. Learn more about the material behind our products.

Heraeus Conamic - backbone of the information age

Every facet of modern technology reaching from the smallest microchip to the largest communication network has been touched by quartz or fused silica at some point during its creation.

With over 100 years of expertise in innovating quartz and fused silica solutions, Heraeus provides breakthrough solutions for the world’s most challenging applications in the semiconductor and photonics industry. Additionally, high-end materials like ceramics and composites are within our material focus. Heraeus has the knowledge and expertise to partner with you to take on the challenges of your industry today and tomorrow.