Fusion energy
Closing the green energy gap with fusion power

The world's hunger for energy, especially for electricity, is growing. This growth cannot be met with renewable energies alone. Nuclear fusion technologies have currently made important progress. This requires powerful lasers, for which Heraeus Conamic supplies high purity fused silica. Read more about the importance of fused silica for fusion energy

Knowledge Base
We share our expertise in fused silica with you.

Quartz glass is one of the most extraordinary materials used in industry and research. Learn more about the material behind our products.

Heraeus Conamic - backbone of the information age

Every facet of modern technology reaching from the smallest microchip to the largest communication network has been touched by quartz or fused silica at some point during its creation.

With over 100 years of expertise in innovating quartz and fused silica solutions, Heraeus provides breakthrough solutions for the world’s most challenging applications in the semiconductor and photonics industry. Additionally, high-end materials like ceramics and composites are within our material focus. Heraeus has the knowledge and expertise to partner with you to take on the challenges of your industry today and tomorrow.